Santa Fe Friends Meeting is seeking a Resident Friend and Caretaker to live in our garden casita in the historic Canyon Road district and join in Meeting fellowship. Free housing and utilities in exchange for about 15 hours per week managing use of guest apartment and care of Garden and Meetinghouse. Starting date March 1, 2018 (or earlier by agreement). Residency will be for a two-year term with option to extend by mutual agreement. Please send a letter of interest and resume to:


From the Residence Committee Mission Statement, "We believe that the mission of Santa Fe Friends Meeting is to offer an environment and a community where the divine spirit may more easily be felt and known, where members/attenders/guests may experience and share that of God within and carry this awareness with them as they go out into their families, communities, and workplaces."


A) Joins in the fellowship of the Meeting as one who shares Quaker values and is a valued participant in Meeting activities.

B) Makes a two-year commitment to the residency, with the option of extension by mutual agreement. A review after the initial six months will give the Meeting and the Resident opportunity to confirm their compatibility. If circumstances change after the first year, for the Meeting or the Resident, either may give six months notice to end the agreement.

C) Is a member of and responsible to the Residence Committee. Serves as ex officio member of the Garden and Building Committees. Since many of the activities of the Garden and Building Committees impact the Resident or require input, the Resident is expected to work closely with these committees, as well as with the Residence Committee. Logs hours spent at various tasks and provides a monthly report on activities to the Residence, Garden, and Building Committees and in person to the monthly Meeting for Worship with attention to Business.

1) Reports promptly to the appropriate committee needed repairs or maintenance of buildings and grounds.

2) Assists the Garden Committee with garden maintenance.


The Resident lives on the property at 630 Canyon Road in a separate building from the Meetinghouse. Performs regular tasks in the Guest Apartment, Meetinghouse and Garden. Safety of visitors and care for the Meetinghouse are important duties. The resident also performs the following duties:

A) PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE - Serves as a public representative and first-line contact person for our Meeting of about sixty members and attenders. In many cases the Resident is the Meeting's public face in interactions with guests in the apartment, tourists on Canyon Road, and other visitors. The resident:

1) Answers Meetinghouse phone and responds to recorded messages within twenty-four hours.

2) Responds to callers in need and directs them toward the appropriate helping agencies.

B) GUEST APARTMENT - The guest apartment is a form of hospitality ministry by the Meeting. It is also the main source of income for maintenance of this historic and listed property. Thus, a certain firmness and efficiency is needed in taking reservations, moving visitors in and out, and making them aware of the need to formally cancel if they cannot use their reservation. Careful use of a waiting list is encouraged when this can help keep the apartment in use during periods of high demand. The Resident acts as the Host, greeting guests in a Friendly manner and welcoming them to the Meeting and to Santa Fe. The Resident:

1) Schedules reservations made via phone and email for use of guest apartment.

2) Prepares guest apartment for use, including laundering and replacement of linens and any necessary cleaning.

C) MEETINGHOUSE - The Resident:

1) Insures daily that doors are locked and that gates and the garage are closed when no one is on the property.

2) Collects and secures cash and checks from the contribution box and guest apartment donations and submits to the Finance Committee on a weekly basis.

3) Maintains a calendar of events in the Meetinghouse and schedules all events which take place, be they by rental or by donation.

4) Monitors heat in the Meetinghouse and classroom for First Day and for groups using the Meetinghouse during the week. Reminds groups to leave the premises in a clean and acceptable condition after each use.

5) Secures and keeps Meetinghouse tidy after each use (currently, the Meetinghouse is used regularly only for Sunday worship at 9 am and 11 am and two evenings a week by other groups).

6) Communicates cleaning needs to the monthly cleaning service.

7) Periodically updates Meetinghouse bulletin boards.

8) Collects and distributes mail to appropriate people in the Meeting.

9) Purchases supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaners/detergents, etc.

D) RECORDS - Keeps records of guest contact information, money received, quarterly expenses for supplies for the Meeting, and the petty cash fund for emergency assistance.

E) HOURS- The Resident's work is expected to average about 15 hours per week, but with significant seasonal variation: lower in winter, higher in summer. For example, in spring and summer the Garden requires irrigation, tidying, planting, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, raking, etc.

NOTE: The current resident's reports indicate that she has averaged 15 hours per week, ranging from 10 hours in January to a maximum of 26 hours in May, when she was more active in the garden.


The Meeting provides the resident with a small house (casita) called 'The Ramada', in the garden of the Meetinghouse property, located on Canyon Road. In addition there is sheltered off-street parking for a single vehicle (except Sunday morning, when it is used by disabled attenders). This historic adobe Ramada is characteristic of early southwestern dwellings. It is rustic, with heavy timber beams (vigas) in the main room's low ceiling, a working kiva fireplace, cupboards and hand-hewn bookshelf. It is heated primarily by gas, and has a refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine and outdoor clothesline.

The Ramada has approximately 360 square feet of living space, consisting of two rooms - a living/sleeping room and kitchen with small eating area, bathroom with shower, and small closet area where the washing machine is housed. The building is simply furnished, with minimal storage for clothes, linens and other belongings.

The Meeting pays all utilities, including phone and Internet access.

The Ramada shares the 1/4 acre garden with First Day School children on Sunday mornings. The garden is also open to guests and tourists who happen by, especially during summer months, but it is completely fenced and provides a sense of privacy and peaceful retreat most times of day and year.


Shortly after arrival the Resident will be introduced to Meeting and invited to share after Meeting for Worship his or her spiritual journey and gifts.

The Resident receives 30 days of vacation in each 12 month period; the Resident Committee and the Resident will make mutually agreeable arrangements for the vacation coverage.

The Resident needs a personal computer for dealing with email requests to reserve the guest apartment, as well as for writing monthly reports for email transmission to appropriate committees and to Business Meeting.